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New Kitchen Goodies

25 Jan

Thanks to my wonderful cousin for sending me Potterybarn gift cards for Christmas I was able to buy some new kitchen gadgets.

Love Williams-Sonoma.. I can’t help but walk into the store every time I am at Lenox Square Mall.

I’ve been wanting a torch forever. Torch some cheese.. or sugar.

Thankfully Potterybarn and Williams-Sonoma are in the same family so I was able to use the cards for three new toys; a kitchen torch, rolling pin, and a microplane grater/zester.

Luis has a favorite soup, French Onion and my new torch was screaming to be used.

I found this recipe in a Cooks Illustrated magazine from the 80’s.

Luis enjoyed using the torch as well.

Yummy goodness.

It came out good. Luis, Hoki, and myself ate two bowls each.. nothing was left so I guess we all liked it.

I spent the whole day in the kitchen. Over 9 hours!  After our meal Luis and Hoki treated me to a night out on campus to play a few games of pool. Which I kicked their butts in!

I wish I had more days off, I really did enjoy my day in the kitchen.  I made the soup, Korean steak with bok choy, and little mini cakes with a new marshmallow fondant recipe that I wanted to try (more like play with).

More on my little cakes later.