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Hand Stitched Tree Pillow

3 Oct

I haven’t cross stitched or hand stitched since I was younger so, when I saw Purl Soho selling a 4 Season Embroidery Kit it sparked my  interest.

I love the look of wood,wood grains, natural bark, or natural wood and thought this craft project would make a neat pillow.



This craft project wasn’t something that could be completed overnight.  I took me about a week to finish.  I really enjoy taking the time to hand stitch something. It’s relaxing to me, like a good book, and it was something I did for an hour or two each night while watching my sickening obsession of realty T.V.




I used three stitching techniques; a back stitch, chain stitch, and a french knot.


Picking the fabric was the hardest part.  I wanted something soft, feminine, and romantic.


The first layer was a peachy pink cotton fabric.


The second layer of the pillow I picked was a white lace that allowed the peachy pink fabric’s color to gently peak through.


The final product, not the best picture since it is night time and couldn’t wait to share my first pillow I have ever made with you all.  I will post a better picture another day since this light makes some of my french knot blossoms look a little green instead of white.

Besides posting a bad picture of the final product, I am really excited about my first pillow and already starting my second one!


New photos added with natural light.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us