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Winter Coats Who?

2 Mar

With spring on the way I have put away all of my winter clothes and boots.

Into the closet they go!

Have I mentioned that my “closet” is our second bedroom?  Well, half study/office and half my closet.  Once again… Luis loves me! I can’t help it really, Luis has the closet in our bedroom and half of the drawers and the closet in our office is small.

Over the weekend I took all of my spring and summer clothes, shoes, and purses out of the office closet and added them to my very accessible racks.  Nothing but bright colors!

This is getting personal.

What can I say, I love to have my options in front of me with no interference like a closet door or wall.

This is like looking into someone’s refrigerator.. I feel exposed!

But, now I can relate to all the northern people when they say they have to change their closets over during the  change of seasons.  It’s a pain in the butt, especially since the other morning it was really cold.  That shouldn’t be allowed once closets have been changed over for the new season!

No worries. Looking at all the dresses, skirts, tang tops, wedges, and sandals make me feel all warm inside. Come on spring!