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Happy Valentines Day

15 Feb

A Valentine card from my mommy  =)

When you open it, it gives you kisses!

My gift to Luis, of course in an owl bag with hearts.

The look of joy.

Luis’ gift to me.

I love knowing that Luis actually listens to me.  I have been talking about my craving for meatloaf and chicken pot pies for a few days now and he went to find a great southern cafe, called OK Cafe that served both items and brought it home for me as our Valentine’s dinner.

How awesome!  I love when my cravings are satisfied and it was soooo good.  I ate everything!

Even more, I love that we didn’t have any dishes to clean up since I got home after 11 pm and he also brought home my favorite dessert!

Pecan pie!

Luis had apple pie… yum!

This was a perfect day.  And after a long day at work the best part was being able to stay in my pajamas!

My Georgia Tech sweat pants and a heart sweatshirt  =)