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The Joy

28 Mar

I have been told recently that I have a gift to find joy in the smallest things.

I have really been enjoying the change in season. One day to the next leaves start to grow on the bare branches and buds begin to open. Monday the tree outside my window is naked and by Tuesday afternoon each branch has a dozen or so leaves on it, just like that…. like magic.

I wonder if I am an odd person to actually look for trees and bushes that have changed on my drive home and think to myself, “Oh! I need to get a picture of that!” Does anyone else do that?

And also, I sometimes wonder if this gift is also a curse?  What good is it to be happy if no one is there to see and feel the happiness with you?

Luis and I have many things in common, but the patience to take a good photograph is a hobby that is all me.


Family Time

21 Mar

Our house guests didn’t stay long, but every minute spent with them has filled me with love.

We had only one day to talk about everything from the last time we saw my uncle and aunt, which was a little over a year ago on Valentine’s Day.

Only one day to walk the campus, to show them our new city, to show them our new life.

They seemed to enjoy it and we loved every minute.  It was exactly what we needed.

Charlie feeding the squirrels.

Kinda sad at the moment, wishing the house had more people in it. Wanting to be close to family again.

Luis and I are making plans to visit Ohio soon for some more lovin’!