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Atlanta Botanical Gardens @ Piedmont Park

11 Apr

Number one on my list of things to do while in Georgia, and also on our 130th day in Georgia; we went to Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens located in Piedmont Park.

As you know, Luis took me here to celebrate our sixth year being together.

The garden had a very nice layout with lots of little details like; pots of flowers everywhere, iron statues, and an awesome canopy walk.

It was the warmest day since we have moved here too, giving us an idea of what’s to come this summer. The hot day wasn’t fun for us since our air conditioner in the apartment broke.  Thankfully our favorite maintenance guy came to fix it today! So happy to finally have cool air blowing in our place.

Tulips in bloom with my favorite artist, Dale Chihuly.

I have more pictures of our visit to Atlanta Botanical Garden, but I will keep them for another day.

Loved my weekend, Luis did awesome!  Wish it was still the weekend and not Monday.




The Joy

28 Mar

I have been told recently that I have a gift to find joy in the smallest things.

I have really been enjoying the change in season. One day to the next leaves start to grow on the bare branches and buds begin to open. Monday the tree outside my window is naked and by Tuesday afternoon each branch has a dozen or so leaves on it, just like that…. like magic.

I wonder if I am an odd person to actually look for trees and bushes that have changed on my drive home and think to myself, “Oh! I need to get a picture of that!” Does anyone else do that?

And also, I sometimes wonder if this gift is also a curse?  What good is it to be happy if no one is there to see and feel the happiness with you?

Luis and I have many things in common, but the patience to take a good photograph is a hobby that is all me.


Catching the Change

24 Mar

Happy belated First Day of Spring!

I went out for a walk around the campus to catch a glimpse of the change of season.

I am waiting for these to start opening up. I have no idea what the name of the tree is, but it’s my favorite tree in our courtyard.

I absolutely love the color.

I walk around now staring at all the plants and trees and wondering to myself, “hmmm… I wonder what you are going to look like in a few weeks?”  Like this guy below, what are you going to look like?

I wish the white trees would keep their white blossoms, but instead it will become a tree full of green leaves in the next week or so.

Keeping a look out for more beautiful trees and the changes that will be coming.

“I haven’t a clue how my story will end, but that’s all right. When you set out on a journey and night covers the road, that’s when you discover the stars.” -Nancy Willard