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Kani House @ Cumming, GA

4 Jan

On our way back from the very long winery drive, our tummies were growling and someone mentioned sushi so, we stopped into Cumming, GA to a restaurant that had great reviews.

This place was huge!! The restaurant on one side was hibachi style dining and the other is a regular sushi restaurant. We opted for the regular side since to the gang and myself included agreed hibachi is no big deal since we have all eaten hibachi style dinging before.

Kani House did not disappoint. On the website, the restaurant is described of having a theatrical flare and I agree.

We were seated in a small room, secluded from others and it was very nice to be as free and loud as we wanted to be.

We all ordered a ton of food, from sushi to japanese noodles.

Luis and I ordered these yummy fried balls called Ebi Soro made with shrimp on a bed of veggies.

Daniella had Rose Tea. I loved the tea pot and the pink tint to the tea from the roses.

Fabian’s warm saki.

And Mirta and Ariel’s Strawberry Soju, a Korean drink and also another bottle I wanted to snag.

And my Cherry Blossom Martini, which is almost like the one I ordered from Geisha House in Atlantic Station, but better. It had a lighter, sweeter taste and cooled my mouth nicely since my sushi rolls were super spicy.

I had the roll farthest, Atomic Bomb (Yes! Spicy) with spicy tuna and red snapper on top with hot sauce.

The closest was Luis’ roll, White Dragon with spicy tuna and eel on top.

Mirta and Ariel ordered a few sushi rolls and sesame noodles with shrimp. All of which looked very good. Look how big that piece of eel is!!

Cucumber Roll, Black Dragon Roll, and Spicy Tuna Roll.

The feast…. nom nom nom

Luis even allowed for me to order dessert – Yay!

Happy tummies!

I have to say again, this day, the first day of the new year was a great day. I had an amazing time with my friends on our mission of a road trip to have some wine that turned out to be more of a scary drive then a tipsy one. All and all, the memories of laughter from all of us one by one saying, “Where you taking me?” every time we turned down a sketchy road or neighborhood was well worth the failed attempt to winery hop throughout the day.  And now that I think of it, this was also my first road trip (even if it was a short one) with my friends.

Thank-you for driving all night to visit Luis and I for the new year just to turn around and drive all the way back to Miami before work week started again.

For a moment I didn’t miss home, but I am sure tomorrow, when everyone is gone.. the feeling will return.  Hopefully we will see each other soon and make another adventure!


Geisha House @ Atlantic Station

28 Dec

Geisha House is located in our favorite place, Atlantic Station. Mostly because it less than a mile from our place, so close we could walk to it.. well, when it warms up we could. And on Sunday everything on the menu is 50% off!! Super sweet deal.

Warning.. Before viewing these pictures I must warn you! This place is very dark and sexy.. so, if it gets you in the mood, it isn’t my fault!

Or maybe not.. but really, my warning is you may not be able to see the pictures so well since it was dark heehee

The theme is red = sexy

The decor and music gives it a club feel, which I like minus the people dancing or stage to view.

A “G” and an “H” illuminated by candle light on the wall. Candles were everywhere.

That is the menu above, and yes that is a close up on a Geisha applying her red lipstick.

Not the small family owned hole in the wall we are use to but, the rolls were great!

My favorite starter dish that I always order at every sushi place, tuna tataki. It wasn’t sliced as thin as I am use to, but the ponzu sauce with scallions and masago (fish roe) made my belly happy.

The rolls were larger than we thought. The server had warned us that they served tapas style dining, meaning small portions. We couldn’t even finish it all.

Oh, and the drink was very dark and sexy as well. It was called a Cherry Blossom. It was a type of amaretto sour, but with Jack Daniel’s added as well.  Did I mention it was strong!?

The rolls weren’t over the top amazing, but not horrible. I enjoyed the four rolls Luis and I ordered. I probably wouldn’t eat there if it wasn’t a Sunday, but all in all, this place might just be my Sunday go to sushi place, thanks to the 50% off.