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Spring Obsession @ Home

11 Mar

Once again I bring up my window cling obsession.

The only season I am missing is summer.. all in due time.

Are you feeling springy yet?

It was a great Friday. I was able to accomplish a lot at work and bill the amount of time needed.  I am excited to start preparing for our guests that are coming in one week!

To celebrate my happy feeling, Luis and I went to our favorite taco place, Taqueria Del Sol and munched on brisket tacos, cheese dip, and margaritas.  I am feeling very happy and ready to watch a movie with my love.

Happy Friday!


26 Jan

I am totally in love with window clings.

Target has all different types for whatever occasion or holiday.

With Valentine’s Day, our six year dating anniversary, and our one year wedding anniversary coming up within the next few months, love and hearts and anything sickly over-the-top cute is in order.

And since fall has come and gone, Luis and I have taken down our falling leaves window clings and replaced them with these…

The little birds are saying “Love!”

and the dinosaur is thinking about love.

Soon, our paper snow flakes in our living room window will be replaced with another little something to get us in the loving spirit.

Valentine’s Day is especially special to me since my bridal shower was held on that day.  I’ve never felt so loved until that day.

It’s also the same day my grandparents on my father’s side met (at a dance) and later engaged on Valentine’s Day.  My grandmother has told me she would have gotten married on that day as well but, she wanted to get married with a warmer temperature =)

Here is a sneak peak…

A celebration of love.

Hello Marigold, Gray, and Royal Blue

19 Dec

A Peak at our Living Room

Our living room set up so far.

(Click on a photo to enlarge)

It still needs a lot of work and some more inspiration. I have so many ideas but gotta wait for now.

Our inspiration is Georgia Tech; colors of yellow and blue with accents of grey. Even though the official school colors are yellow and white with some use of navy blue. Our version with a twist.

Bright, loud, and fun!

Marigold and Gray Pillows $25.00, Dwell Studio Collection from Target

Brown Suede Lumbar Pillows on Clearance $20.00, Potterybarn

Blueberry Ottoman on Sale $7.00, RE Collection from Target

Yellow Side Table on Clearance $3.00, RE Collection from Target

These college years are probably the only time I can get away with decorating our place with colors like these and have Luis like it.  At least until real adulthood comes around with buying our own home and then decorate with a more mature modern chic color wheel.

Love being able to use our Tako (Octopus) stuffed animal from the Osaka Aquarium in Japan into the mix… heehee

or these little fall leaves window clings I picked up from Target for a buck!

Well, that’s it until we add more to our living room… see ya!