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The Little Things

11 May

What’s making me smile lately….
  • Getting ready for Georgia Tech’s football season by buying a new Yellow Jackets outfit.
  • Making fried pickles at home.
  • Luis finishing the semester with awesome grades.
  • Being able to stay in Atlanta.
  • Going home in a few days.
  • Green Market at Piedmont Park.
  • Luis returning my new camera for a better, newer, more awesome camera.
  • Being able to fall asleep with Luis again.
  • Magnolias.
  • Luis having normal hours again.
  • Starting a work out program again after months of sitting on my butt.
  • Participating in a sushi making demonstration.
  • Having nothing to do.
  • Weekend walks.
  • Exploring and learning to make Indian food at home.

The Little Things

17 Apr

The little things that have made me smile.

  • The smell of oil heating up in a pan… then adding onions and garlic.
  • Luis reading my mind from the other room, then rushing into the room, and both of us laughing our butts off.
  • Hoki’s transportation.
  • Georgia Tech nerd talk.
  • Two weeks until finals.
  • Summer semester.
  • Tracking down my favorite food truck to get my fix.
  • Going home in a few weeks.
  • Planning a trip to another state for Memorial weekend.
  • Putting together gifts for my co-workers.
  • Meeting Buzz on bowling night.
  • Being told I am awesome.
  • The Easter egg hunt held in our courtyard for the kids at 10th and Home.
  • Luis planning a date night for us.