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Feast and Goodbyes

5 Dec

The weeks leading up to our move we had a few get-togethers with friends, Thanksgiving with family, and a rib feast. The better memories of moving since the worst memory was Luis and I driving 15 hours from Miami to Atlanta because the truck trailer speed limit was 55 and 6 hours to unload all our stuff and into our new place. Geesh! My back is hurting just remembering it.  Did I mention the security in the building is extreme and we had to move all our stuff through 3 doors that you could only open if you have to key? Yea… it was tough.

My uncle made Luis and I an awesome rib dinner, one of my favorite meals. He spent hours marinating then smoking them. Super yummy!

Three days before our big move we spent Thanksgiving with both our families.

And last but not least… spending time with great friends

Thank-you to everyone who put such awesome parties together and see you next year!