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Number 10

11 Dec


While in Georgia

I have a list of things Luis and I want to do or see during our 1,460 days in Georgia.

And number 1o on the list is Zoo Atlanta.

(click on a photo to enlarge)

Even though it was the warmest day of the week, the animals were still very cold. Only the panda enjoyed the cool air.

I was glad to see  the panda being so active because while Luis and I were in Japan we visited a zoo in Tokyo just to see a panda. But sadly the Tokyo zoo’s panda had passed away three years prior. So, even if Luis didn’t get to see a panda in Japan, at least he was able to see one in Atlanta! =)

These were the ugliest things I have ever seen… Naked Mole Rats – bleh!

All and all, even though it was too cold for most of the animals to come out we had a good time.

It was a great gotta job celebration.


Oh Happy Day

10 Dec

I Gotta Job!

Our 10th day in Georgia and I have a job! Two interviews, a background check, and my first drug test.

I work in midtown, less than a mile from the apartment.

And I could get you a hotel/resort discount!

Super sweet!! Come on now, come and visit us!

No excuses!

To celebrate, Luis and I went to Zoo Atlanta.

Since today was the warmest day of this week and probably of next week too, we ventured outside and hoped the animals were not too cold to come out as well.

More about our zoo trip in another post.

Now it’s time to have a nice dinner of chili to keep us warm and continue the

“I gotta job!” celebration!


A Week of Little Things

8 Dec

Recent Things That Made Us Smile

Today makes one week! One week not being home spending time with family and friends, working or loving on our dog, Dudley.  I am sure soon enough one year will pass by as quickly as this first week has. I still wonder when it will hit Luis and I that Atlanta is now our home and not a vacation? And when will I stop missing home? At least there have been some little things that have made Luis and I smile…

  • A puddle that turned into ice

  • A young woman at Atlantic Station wearing bright purple tights
  • How Luis has been organizing everything and doing the laundry
  • All the buildings with Christmas decorations
  • Cutting paper snow flakes with Luis to hang in our living room window

  • Using our awesome cooking pots and pans… finally! (Thanks Mom!)
  • Bundled up little kids that look like mini snowmen
  • The temperature
  • Planning a trip to Zoo Atlanta
  • Getting to use the little dishes I got from a one yen store (dollar store) in Tokyo

  • Target and Ikea being less than a mile from our apartment
  • How Luis can’t sit still
  • The view from our living room
  • Keeping our malanga plant alive by moving it around the apartment so it could get sun

  • Saving money by finding two for one deals
  • Ice skating in the middle of a park
  • The fraternity house dog
  • The Varsity, even though we haven’t eaten there yet… Waiting for Luis’ parents  =)