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100 Day Photo Challenge – Day 10

22 Apr

10) Favorite animal

My favorite animal to photograph would be a jellyfish.

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My favorite animal to snuggle with, and go swimming with is this cuite.

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Pretty soon I will be back in Miami to swim in the pool with this guy.  I can’t wait!

100 Day Photo Challenge – Day 9

21 Apr

9) Favorite piece of jewelry you own

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Our wedding bands.

100 Day Photo Challenge – Day 8

19 Apr

8) Favorite celebrity

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I could watch Buzz run along the football stadium and crowd surf all day long.

I love the hugs he gives too!

I love Buzz!

100 Day Photo Challenge – Day 7

18 Apr

7) Picture of your room

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100 Day Photo Challenge – Day 6

17 Apr

6) Favorite candy

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I get these candies after our meal from a restaurant near by called, Genki Grill.  I have no clue what they are called, but they are my favorite.

100 Day Photo Challenge – Day 5

16 Apr

5) A childhood photo

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100 Day Photo Challenge – Day 4

15 Apr

4) Something that makes you so happy.

This is a hard decision, many things make me happy; Luis holding my hand, singing along to a song, anything with animals, anything with flowers, traveling, cooking, being able to sleep until noon, visiting family, and/or having a drink with friends.

Something that makes me happy right now, at this moment would be the unknown.  Is that odd?

I do not know what a picture of the unknown looks like, so I will just post a picture of Luis and I.  Because, it’s the unknown in our life together that makes me happy, and excited, and all things positive.

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This is us on our third date 04/2005.  We had no clue what was ahead, and we still have no clue.