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Interview #1

9 Dec

What I Wore

I went on an interview, my first interview out of the 20… err no, 27 applications and resumes that I have sent out to different companies. Yes, read that again… 27!!

It’s not in the law field. It’s something different but alike at the same time.

And I am not gonna say where until hopefully I get the job.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Blazer : Forever 21

Black and Grey Silk Dress : Mossimo Collection @Target

Black Tights : Old Navy

Royal Blue Suede Pumps : Forever 21

The manager was in love with my royal blue pumps

and scheduled me for a second interview.

Thank-you shoes!

This week in outfits

8 Dec

Baby it’s Cold Outside

Grey Coat : Old Navy

Red Coat : Old Navy

Black Jeggins : Target

Soft Black Boots : Make Me Chic

Raspberry Chunky Sweater : Old Navy

Flower Top : Forever 21

Royal Blue Pumps : Forever 21

Black Tights : Old Navy

Khaki Cuff Shorts : Alloy

Blue Tights : Old Navy

Whole Latte Love Tee : Forever 21

Blue Tunic : Forever 21

Owl Necklace : Forever 21