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Zen on 10 – Part Two

31 Jul

Earlier in the month, we had a birthday celebration, just him and I.

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We love this place and the people there so much that when our friend Hoki came to visit for a few days from his internship in Texas for the summer, we just had to introduce him to our newest love.  I am not sure what happened, but the sushi chef was having an off kind of day and the sushi was all really different from the other times we have gone.

We have had a lazy weekend, even though we should be getting the house ready for family. We did go see the movie Cowboys and Aliens and to Vortex to have one of their yummy burgers. Everything I had on my list to accomplish today hasn’t happened. Good thing we have lots of time this week to get things done.

Tin Drum Asia Cafe @ Tech Square

26 Jul

A bright cafe with slightly healthier asian cuisine with the family.


I’m not a picky eater, let alone picky about any kind of asian or indian style dishes. Tin Drum is inexpensive, fast, and tastes pretty darn good.


Green curry with chicken.


Pineapple rice with chicken.


Plus everyone looks so pretty against the bright green and orange walls =) even while doing a funny face like Luis is above.

Tybee Island, Georgia

24 Jul

Oh my! Double post! You guys deserve  it for being so patient since I procrastinated (ignored the blog) these past few weeks.

Not sure why I like Tybee Island so much.

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Tybee really makes me appreciate Miami’s beaches and Marco Island/Naples seafood.

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It makes me miss the blue water in Miami and our short road trips for lunch to the West Coast of Florida to enjoy endless shrimp, soft crab sandwiches, crab cakes, stone crabs, and visits with my family.

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It’s a rule that you can’t leave Tybee Island without visiting The Crab Shack, or it could just be my rule.

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The best part about visiting a beach is to feast on seafood after.  Our plates were good, but I still missed Florida seafood, and some Stone Crabs!

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That is Kathy grabbing a crawfish to try for the first time, let’s just say that it will most likely be her last as well.

I’m off to straighten up the house and start to prepare for Luis’ family coming to visit in a week! I heard a rumor that we will be white water rafting, tubing, hiking, and a possible trip to the wine highway. I can’t wait!

Introducing Georgia Aquarium to Family

24 Jul

On one of the last days my mom and aunt were here we went to the Georgia Aquarium.  You gotta visit the aquarium if your in Atlanta!


It’s one of the better aquarium’s that Luis and I have explored, and each time we go I fall more and more in love with it.


All the sea life seemed to have come out to play the day we went.  One of the aquarium guides were even amazed that the octopus that he had never seen in all the years he worked there was out, maybe just for us!? =)


My absolute favorite exhibit are the beluga whales. I could watch them dance and play all day.



It was an amazing day with my mom and aunt.


I think even they had some fun too!


Face to face in the new penguin exhibit. Yea, I think they did have some fun!



Savannah, Georgia

23 Jul

A long over due post from weeks ago.  Luis and I took my mom and aunt for an overnight stay in Savannah. We also spent some time on the beaches of Tybee Island, but I reached my max photo upload this month, so I will post about our beach trip another day.


I wish I had the energy to post on a daily basis, but work has been very busy this month.  I’ve been so drained, that the only thing I could manage is to sit on the couch with a nice strong drink and relax, well at least for a few hours. I have been bringing work home with me just to keep up and I haven’t even been cooking.. it’s very sad. Now that I feel like I can catch my breath I hope I could not only post more often, but cook my husband and/or his friends more meals.


Savannah has so much detail in almost every stone, corners of  the buildings, arches in the parking lots, and all the moss hanging from every branch and all I could do is sweat. It was a very hot day and it was hard to concentrate on the beauty. This was my first time walking around the streets of Savannah.  Luis had passed through Savannah to get to Tybee Island a few years ago, but we never stopped to look around.


Lafayette square, and it really did make me feel like I was in the HBO series True Blood. Love Lafayette =)




Love knobby trees.

After visiting one of the many cemeteries, it was time for us to head home and into a nice air conditioned car.  If it wasn’t so hot we probably would have stayed longer to explore the city more, but we had enough.


Goodbye horses, trolleys, and all the lovely moss. We will see you again when some cool weather moves in.

Birthday Dinner – Crab and Corn Chowder @ Home

7 Jul

I had an amazing birthday.  I felt very loved, and so happy when my family arrived.


I made blue crab corn chowder with a mountain bread bowl, but the blue crab had really odd meat, not what I am use to, so the crab was more for decoration.  Thank goodness for already shucked blue crab meat in a can! =)




I had a lot of fun making this very heavy dish, which put us to sleep.  Good thing since the next morning we headed to Savannah, Georgia.