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Sunny Tuesday

8 Mar

Finally a sunny dry day.

Today was a blah kind of day so, thankfully the sun helped me smile.

Still getting use to my new position and learning a new field of law.

Love all the trees here in Georgia. I don’t remember trees in Miami blooming the way the trees here do, the trees in Miami always have leaves and are always green.  It’s neat actually being able to see the change of seasons and watch the trees grow new leaves.  At work my view of Stone Mountain and the mountains is getting less brown and more green.  I didn’t even know the parking lot below my window had grass with a flower bed until last week. Instant color… Amazing!

Speaking of sun! Look who is popping up!

Malanga Made Some Friends

26 Feb

Before we moved to Atlanta I had an idea to have little pots with herbs by our window in the living room. With the season changing I felt it was time to put that idea into effect.

Basil, Thai Basil, Oregano, and Cilantro.

It’s not raining as much as it did when we first moved here. A perfect place, full of light to grow herbs.

Oh! and meet our other new plant that Luis fell in love with.

I think it looks awesome in the corner.  I love how it helps accent the frames above.

I also picked up a little Calla Lily plant too, to help bring the feeling of spring into our little place.

Our little place is shaping up very nicely.

Looking at the pots, waiting for the seeds to start sprouting makes me miss the garden I had back home.  I wonder if I could grow tomatoes and green beans in a pot in my living room?

Feeling a little greener =)