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St. Ignace & the Mackinac Bridge @ Michigan

21 Sep

On our drive up to the City of Munising for our sea kayaking trip on Lake Superior, we made an impromptu stop in St. Ignace.  We entered St. Ignace and the Straits of Mackinac area after crossing the Mackinac Bridge.  Which by the way, a few local Michiganian’s told me that crossing this bridge can be scary, and after crossing some pretty tall and scary bridges in Texas, I started to worry.

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Crossing this bridge was no big deal.  Shocking to read that huh?  Coming from me, who gets scared stepping on top of a bucket because it’s too high above the ground.

I found the views beautiful.

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It seemed that there was always a storm right on the outskirts wherever we were.  Thankfully it did not rain on us and ruin our photo opportunities.

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After the bridge we decided to find a place to eat, but couldn’t help to stop again and take in the view of St. Ignace Municipal Marina, which is located in downtown St. Ignace. The skies could not be more perfect.

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Next to the marina is Mackinac Grille, which I think had one of the best views of the downtown area and the marina.

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See the lighthouse in the background?

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An interesting character, isn’t he?

We had whitefish bites and shrimp!

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The whitefish was tastier than I thought.

One of the Michigan blogs that I follow mentioned making a stop at Manley’s Fish Market for smoked fish dip if ever in the area of St. Ignace so, of course, I made a stop.

As soon as I entered the small wooden house that is Manley’s Fish Market, I was hit with a wall that smelled of nothing but smoke, which I love.  I always find it interesting when smells remind me of memories.  My first thought was of my uncle Danny, in our backyard, smoking fish or a turkey. Yum!

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From St. Ignace, Munising was less than two hours away and we really wanting to fit in AuSable Point Lighthouse before sunset, but more on that experience another day.  Happy Friday!

Day 82 – Kemah, Texas

7 Apr

My lovely cousin from North Carolina sent me a thinking of you gift.

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She has cooked for us, booked and paid for hotel rooms, shared drinks and stories with us, roasted marshmallows over a fire with us, invited us into her home, and encouraged Luis and I to do a 5k.  She is amazing, thoughtful, and caring.

She is always doing some kind of wonderful and entertaining activity.  One of her activities I have always wanted to be a part of, her book group that she holds at her house.    She makes lots of delicious food, serves wine, and surrounds herself with great people.  To me, it sounds like a perfect night, and a great way to find a new book to read.  I would love to discuss a book with people and get their own interpretation of the story.  I am hoping one day I will be able to join one of her book groups, but until then, I sent her a gift so I could in some way be a part of her book group.

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The North Carolina state shaped cutting board is made by A.Heirloom and is eco-friendly, along with a butter knife that is engraved with a very important message; “Spread Laughter”.

Almost time for Luis and I to head back to Atlanta and we will be seeing you and the family soon! ❤

Day Dreaming

9 May

Luis and I had a lazy Sunday, finally no studying or me running around doing errands.

We sat outside in the sun and talked about how fast these past six months have gone by. Yes, isn’t it crazy that we have been in Atlanta for six months already? I can only imagine how fast the next two and a half years will pass by.

That conversation lead me to day dream about our future.  I dreamt of Luis and I traveling to some unknown and hard to pronounce places around the world after he graduates from Georgia Tech.  Both of us landing jobs in a city we have never lived before and buying our first home. The thought of possibly starting a family and being a stay at home mom. Waking up each day to explore the kitchen and to possibly teach a new life how to walk the Earth on his or her own feet.

Just so many possibilities and scenarios running through my mind.

“Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never knew you had” by Alice Sebold

I have to remember to take one day at a time, that this is only the first semester and many things can happen in the two and half years that we have left at Georgia Tech.   It can’t hurt to dream though, can it?

Playing The Easter Bunny

20 Apr

I saw these cute little bunny bags and instantly knew I wanted to buy them and fill them with goodies for my co-workers.

My co-workers have thing for push pencils, which I haven’t seen since my elementary years. I love them!

Oh! and I just had to add something healthy into the little goodie bag to keep everyone happy.

No worries though, I added lots of different kinds of chocolate.

Aren’t these mini chicks, bugs, bees, and frogs so adorable!?

While I was packing goodie bags, I had to make one for Luis’ buddies here at Tech, Hoki and Eddy.

I even found these very cute plastic Easter eggs shaped like a frog and chick that I filled with jelly beans.

Luis played the Easter Bunny and dropped them off at their house the other night.  I hope it helped them not miss home so much, as holidays are always hard when away from family.

I know I am missing home and counting down the days until our flight to Miami.

The Little Things

17 Apr

The little things that have made me smile.

  • The smell of oil heating up in a pan… then adding onions and garlic.
  • Luis reading my mind from the other room, then rushing into the room, and both of us laughing our butts off.
  • Hoki’s transportation.
  • Georgia Tech nerd talk.
  • Two weeks until finals.
  • Summer semester.
  • Tracking down my favorite food truck to get my fix.
  • Going home in a few weeks.
  • Planning a trip to another state for Memorial weekend.
  • Putting together gifts for my co-workers.
  • Meeting Buzz on bowling night.
  • Being told I am awesome.
  • The Easter egg hunt held in our courtyard for the kids at 10th and Home.
  • Luis planning a date night for us.

Blind Date

9 Apr

Six years ago today, I met Luis on a blind date.

Set up by my co-worker and also Luis’ cousin for a group date night at Taverna Opa on Miami Beach. Which he was late to, 5 hours late. When Luis and his cousin finally did show up, I didn’t waste time and walked across the table to sit next to him.  Before you think I am some crazy women for walking on a table. It was Opa, a greek restaurant. It’s allowed! They encourage people to walk or dance on their tables!  =)

Back to our story…

We talked about music, food, and our interest.  I was hooked!  Now on our sixth year anniversary, I couldn’t be happier of the choice I made or more surprised of how much I love him and our life together.  He keeps me on my toes and allows me to be who I am.  Without him I wouldn’t have been able to do half the things I have without him by my side, he gives me courage.

No lie, courage…. like riding on a bike.

Our fourth date, a bike ride to The Keys.

I was so nervous about this date and all I remember is the advice my aunt Donna gave me when I told her I wasn’t sure about jumping in back of a bike with a guy I barely knew all the way to The Keys.  She told me that I couldn’t live life with fear, that I needed to enjoy myself. She also told me that she had done crazy things for men in her life too, such as jumping out of planes or racing cars.  What a women!

Kayaking The Keys, which we later fell into the water and landed on a shark.

A fear of getting hurt or stranded. So, of course I ran out of gas in the middle of The Everglades with alligators beside me.  Luis came to the  rescue with gas =)

Learning to shift gears, my first time on an ATV.

My fear of deep water, not a fear any longer.

Traveling the World and concurring my fear of flying.  Now, most people would think these things are not a big deal.  There are lots of adrenaline couples, and I am not one of them, I have many fears.  Even if that rush of adrenaline is not a feeling I prefer, I can’t keep Luis from enjoying his life.  Because of him, I have learned that many of my fears are ridiculous and I need to live life and enjoy my life.

Just like Donna told me years ago when Luis and I first started dating.  I am glad I finally started listening to her.